Kiss My Irish Ass

Topics: Feeling, Alice Cooper, Irish people Pages: 4 (1126 words) Published: May 8, 2008
Music has played a major role throughout the evolution of human kind. It has been around since the days of cavemen who discovered the effects of banging rocks and sticks in a rhythm. Through the years music has been used as a medium for expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The lyrics of the song are usually the easiest and least complex way of expressing these feelings. There are more subtle ways that are often overlooked though. These are the tone of voice, tempo of the music, the instruments used, hidden meanings or metaphors, and the overall way the song sounds. A good example of this is the song Kiss My Irish Ass by Frank Mackey and the Keltic Cowboys.

Mackey wrote this song about ten years ago. The song has many expressions of thoughts as well as feelings, emotions, and even history. First off the title itself shows the main idea of the song. The lyrics back this title up very well. The song starts off by setting the scene: “Oh the churchbells are ringin' in the schoolyard, And we all went out those days…” This shows the religious thoughts in this song by mentioning the church. It also shows the ages of the people involved. Mackey then talks about a fight where he was singled out by a bully. He lost the fight but the bully said that he gained his respect because he fought with so much heart. This shows the feelings of an Irish boy who is growing up in these times.

The next main idea in this song is history. The singer talks about his family very often in this song. One line goes: “Oh the husbands and wives, they had a neighborhood pack, They called the Mackeys white trash behind our backs (White Trash!).” this not only tells about his family but how the Irish families were looked down at in the olden times. Mackey also sings:” Oh me grandpa passed through Ellis Island,/ From the greatest of the Motherlands/ For he worked, provided for his family/ He was a dedicated welding man/ And he knew right from wrong like day and...
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