Kirk Samuda, Securing a Hospital's Computer Network

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Kirk Samuda

University of Phoenix

October 14, 2013


Securing a Hospital's Computer Network

The strategic identification of hardware and software needed to secure the hospitals network against most electronic threats, would be designed and implemented around the premise of a more robust and inclusive collective network infrastructure, with faster data access. To commence this exercise, adequate consideration must be given to the business requirement document (BRD) and its financial constraints, while focusing on the provision of hardware and software that effectively satisfies the BRD. A quick analysis of the Hospital Information System shows a networking model that is in need of marginal upgrade. First I would recommend that all Servers with less than 16 gigabytes of Memory be upgraded to 32 GB RAM, and that RAID 1 be upgraded to RAID 5, for better redundancy, performance, and higher data security across the entire networking platform.

Of great importance is a change from the huge dependence of laptops, workstations, and other mobile devices on the Windows OS; to the Linux Mint 15 platform that offers greater reliability, security, efficiency, similar user friendliness with flexible graphical user interfaces. It must be noted that if information security is of paramount importance, a change to the Linux OS is a necessity.

The overall network architecture for Patton Fuller Hospital will showcase an immediate change from the dependence on twisted pair CAT6 cabling, to a greater inclusion of the fiber optic methodology, a modern and robust architecture, that offers better wireless capabilities, faster data access, advanced and enhanced security protocols and standards, and most important direct contact to information regardless of location. Diagram 1.0 below reflects the physical topology of the networking infrastructure within the hospital.

Diagram 1.0 – Hospital HIS System

It is...

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