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Topics: Information security, Security, Debit card, Computer security, Credit card / Pages: 3 (634 words) / Published: Sep 15th, 2014
Information Security Paper
Masters Degree in Information Technology & Data Security (MSIT/ MSc)
Kirk Samuda
April , 2009
Professor Mc Nickle

The proliferation of hacking has activated new realization to the importance of security, information security that is; highlighting the need for a more technological and revolutionary methodology applicable to combating cyber criminology. According to in an article written by Jonathan Fahey on December 22, 2013, very clear is the fact that the hacking of Target Stores is a distinct reflection of two fundamental premises that must be changed. The first premise exposes a technological algorithm that is old and directed along a pathway that lingers on twentieth (20th) century magnetic stripe data acquisition, a very unsafe premise on which to both collect and store personal financial information. The second premise lingers on the cost association of introducing twenty first(21ST ) century digital chips to acquire, hold, and secure information using a more systematic algorithm that assigns and changes a code unique only to this specific card, making hacking very difficult.
A thorough analysis of the Target hacking discovery, must exercise an indebt look at the security framework of the Target Stores, evaluating both the physical and virtual structures used to ensure that proper security policies were adhered to at all times, and then cross referencing discoveries against the CIA triad, which are simply three security concepts that embodies the fundamental objectives of computer security.
What is very clear is that millions of customers, shoppers at various Target Store locations had their financial information stolen. However, what isn’t so clear is how to prevent an attack of this type from recurring. To implement an effective preventative platform, hack proof mechanisms and trained employees must be used simultaneously to monitor, identify, and possibly eliminate virtual foreign


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