Kip Kinkel

Topics: Kip Kinkel, Gun Control, Romeo and Juliet Pages: 6 (2579 words) Published: May 2, 2012
I.Kip Kinkel, was born in Springfield Oregon on August 30, 1982, to Bill and Faith Kinkel, Kip had a sister Kristin, which was 6 years older than him. When Kip was 6 his parents who were both Spanish teachers wanted to study abroad for a year so the family moved to Spain. Kip had a difficult time because his teacher did not speak English, once the Kinkels moved back to the United States Kip was far behind in school and failed first grade. Kip’s family was very active, but kip was not so he struggled to fit in. In fourth grade Kip found out he had dyslexia, and his parents started studying with him many hours a night to help make him better in school, and even though he understood it was difficult for him to comprehend. Kip felt lost when his sister moved to go to college in Hawaii, and once Kip got to middle school he felt really lonely, and got picked on in school. Then Kip decided he wanted to protect himself since he was small compared to the other boys in school, he joined karate. Kip got involved with a bad group of kids on his bus, these kids smoked, went to juvenile detention. Kip went with these boys to a mall where they stole cds, which they sliced the sensor off with a razor blade. Kip got caught; this was just one way that kip disappointed his parents. Bill and Faith let Kip use the internet, unsupervised; Kip started to go on inappropriate wed sites, listen to disturbing music, and had a fascination with weapons, which he started to make bombs. Kip ordered bomb making devices from school with the boys from the bus, and was caught. Kip told his parents he wanted the books because he wanted to be a cop. There was no violence in the Kinkel house, yet Kip had guns, and a huge collection of knives. Then kip went to his dad and wanted a riffle, bill gave kip his old hunting rifle for his twelve birthday. Kips parents had been worn down, so they let him go to a ski resort for the weekend with a boy from the bus, they were throwing rocks at cars, kip got a felony for hitting a car. Faith wanted Kip to go to a psychologist, but Bill did not think it was appropriate, even though the Kinkels end up taking kip to a psychologist. Jeffery Hicks was Kips psychologist, kip tells him that he has a hot temper, he kicks holes in walls, he has a fascination with explosives, kip also says that his father is what he is missing out of his life, and he is fearful that his dad would be mad at him, he also says he feels better when he detonates the bombs. Kip also tells the psychologist that eating is a chore, food doesn’t taste good. The psychologist said kip had depressive disorder and was given Prozac. The next gun kip wanted was a glock, which is an interest his dad shared so they got kip the gun but it was to be kept in his room under lock and key, and was only allowed to shoot it if his parents were around to supervise. Kip was taken off the Prozac and stopped seeing the psychologist because they believed kip was better. To please his parents he started playing football, kip was not very good so he starts to feel a deep separation, he is depressed, and even makes fun of himself. The next gun kip wants is a 22 caliber rifle, and bill and faith get their sun the gun, which would lead kip to have a big variety of guns. Kip becomes obsessed with a girl from school and says that she is the only one for him, but the girl just led kip on and then broke him down, and he was suffering from a broken heart. He loved Romeo and Juliet which he was watching in English class, where for the essay on his test he writes about how he wants to kill someone, and about death. There were a lot of people who were talking about school shootings in Oregon, and kip said that if he were to be the one shooting he would take a lot of people with him, and he would shoot himself. Bill wants to take away Kips guns after kip gets expelled from school for having a firearm in a public place and he got a felony for taking a gun in a public building. The police...
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