Topics: Sustainability, Natural environment, Emily Dickinson Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: August 9, 2013
Amanda Williams

Kingsolver and Tretheway , have written very readable, very digestable books. I enjoyed reading both of the books very much. There are many similarities between the books. Obviously they are both about nature, in a catastrophic view. One is fiction and one is not. The second similarity I see is that both books focus on nature as part of society, not separate from. The authors draw the readers into the stories; the environment becomes another character within the story. The third similarity I see is how intricately detailed nature is communicated through the stories. While Kingsolver and Tretheway are similar in their writings, they also are different. The authors came from two different perspectives, one before disaster and one after .When the books were finished, I found myself in the middle. I found myself within the heart of Dickinson’s writings. Environmental sustainability is the concept of nature enduring over time. Kingsolver in her book mysteriously unfolds the idea that the environment is cracking and part of the sustainability piece is losing ground. She places the butterflies on a mountain, and allows the reader to find them. She builds the story from there. Tretheway presents the reader with the catastrophe, and works back towards sustainability. Environmental sustainability is reliant upon both upon society and the economy to maintain effectiveness; and society and the economy is reliant upon the sustainability of the environment: (i.e. you cannot have a sawmill without trees). Kingsolver and Tretheway bring into their stories societal and economical issues. Kingsolver introduces the towns’ personality into the story and Tretheway introduces her towns’ history. In Flight Behavior, Dellarobia at first is viewed as saintly or “receiving grace” (pg 57) for her discovering the butterflies. As time progresses the towns’ view changes and becomes more focused on ways money can be made from the butterflies. The...
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