kingsbury case

Topics: Ethics, Cancer, Morality Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Kingsbury Case Vs. Case 1

In the Kingsbury case a choice had to be made on rather to use PGD to test their embryos for a colon cancer gene that Mr. Kingsbury carried. After losing his mother and two brothers to the disease it worried him that he may pass this to his child. It is found that many people survive the disease if it is treated early enough. The couple did choose PGD even though some people find this method unethical. In Case 1 a couple decided to test their embryos for high cholesterol and increased risk of heart attack. Although the test is designed to find a rare form of the disease it also finds less rare forms. In the rare form familial hypercholesterolaemia children are often killed before puberty. There is a chance that all the embryos will have a form the gene and the possibility of either form of the disease. That is why the couple wanted to get their embryos tested. They did not want their children to live with either disease. This is also found unethical by some people.

There is an ethical difference between screening embryos for deadly conditions and screening them for treatable conditions. While I believe that every child has a right to live, I also believe that if you could prevent a child from having to suffer then you should. Screening an embryo for a deadly condition is saving that child from a lot of pain and suffering. They would most likely had a life filled with pain and unhappiness. No child should have to go through treatments or be on life support at a young age so if there is a way to prevent that then I think it should be done. Screening for treatable conditions on the other hand is very different. If the child still has a chance at a painless, happy life then that child should have that chance. Having to take a pill or two a day is not something that should stop a child from being born. Even things that require a little more like surgery should not stop the child from being born. For example, my brother was born with a...
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