Kings of Leon

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Jared and Caleb were born in Tennessee, while Matthew and Nathan were born in Oklahoma. Matthew is the three brothers' cousin. The brothers spent much of their youth travelling around the South with their father, Leon, a traveling United Pentecostal Church preacher and their mother, who taught them when they were not in school. According to Rolling Stone magazine, "While Leon preached at churches and tent revivals throughout the Deep South, the boys attended and were occasionally enlisted to bang on some drums. They were home-schooled or enrolled in small parochial schools. Except for a five-year stretch when they settled in Jackson, Tennessee, the Followills spent their childhoods driving through the South, camping for a week or two wherever Leon was scheduled to preach."[citation needed]

They all go by their middle names in the band; Anthony (Caleb) Followill, Michael (Jared) Followill, Ivan (Nathan) Followill, and Cameron (Matthew) Followill.

Although it was rumoured their father was defrocked, in an article for Q Magazine in July 2007 Leon himself stated "I was not defrocked, I was forced to resign."[citation needed] After various jobs, the brothers moved to Nashville in 1998. They formed a band in 2000 with their cousin Matthew. The band claim that their music was influenced equally by their religious upbringing and Jack Daniel's. Brothers Nathan and Caleb originally sang country music and later moved to playing rock and roll. They worked for a brief period of time with label and management group Pistol Creek Productions. They spent their time with this label mainly singing at rodeos. They also were members of the West Tennessee Mass Choir for a short time.[8] Nathan, the eldest of the brothers, graduated from Christian Life Academy (a private school that is now defunct) in Henderson, TN. Caleb dropped out mid-senior year to pursue country music.[citation needed]

They were introduced to Nashville-based, Emmy-nominated singer/songwriter/producer...
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