Kingfisher Marketing Strategy

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Kingfisher – Marketing Strategy


1. Kingfisher’s class of business & market strategy
2. Marketing Strategy Details
3. Fighting competitions(SWOT)
4. Contribution To The Society
5. Bibliography

Kingfisher’s class of Business & Market strategy
Class of Business
* Kingfisher Beer
* United Breweries
* Kingfisher Airlines
* IPL (Bangalore)
* Formula One
* Media (NDTV Good Times)
Market Strategy Summary (LIVE LIFE KINGSIZE)
* Niche Market Oriented
* Promoting itself Worldwide as Brand of India
* Life Style distinction in each of its business categories * Launched India’s First Ever Low Cal Beer
* Varied Flavors - India’s First ever View of Fruit flavored beverages. * Youth as major target market
* Customer’s Experience & preferential brand choice – as business motto

Marketing strategy Details
Life Style Marketing
* In the 21st century, "Lifestyle Marketing" has become the magic buzzword and the latest merchandising strategy to enthrall customers after the 80s "Niche Marketing" and the 90s "Branding" craze. Simply put, lifestyle marketing is having a promotional approach centered on the interests, values, attitudes and way of life of consumers/target group. The key words here are 'WAY OF LIFE' of prospects and customers. * In lifestyle marketing one categorizes customers based on their interests, activities and opinions. A classic example of lifestyle marketing is the HARLEY-DAVIDSON bike that has morphed in to cult marketing. Similarly Shahnaz Hussain and her array of beauty products are a way-of-life! * Lifestyle marketing attempts to group customers according to some amalgamation of three categories of variables Activities, Interests, and Opinions (AIO) and identifies the potency of a customer's chosen lifestyle for determining the sort of products to be purchased and the specific brands that are further likely to appeal to the chosen lifestyle segment. Lifestyle marketing has assumed a new paradigm in today's competitive business world. * Lifestyle Marketing necessitates and works best when companies are able to connect with the lifestyle of their existing and potential customers by developing effective marketing strategies that seamlessly fit their way of living. It provides tremendous opportunities to the companies to directly target a specific type of consumer who will most likely be an enthusiast of the company's specific products and thus, provide a competitive business advantage to the company and generate more business.

* The companies have to be constantly attentive and tuned in to the simple reality that understanding consumers and reflecting their AIO through sound message is what really builds for successful Lifestyle Brands and Lifestyle Marketing. * With that in mind, the companies should dedicate a concrete portion of the marketing energies towards Lifestyle Marketing Changing Shopping experience

* Tying up with large department stores like Food world for retailing its Beers. * In association with number of very classy, up-market & Stylish bars & lounges. * Aggressive Advertising at Outlets & Pubs.

* Better Retailing outlets to be opened under Kingfisher Brand GOOD TIMES - Kingfisher Flying experience
* The company has plans to double its fleet strength by adding 67 more aircraft by 2016, according to an investor presentation, which also says that Kingfisher will increase the total number of international flights to 14. The company also plans to raise funds through issuance of Rs 440 crore worth of global depository receipts (GDRs). * Aviation analysts agree Kingfisher has been able to create a brand differentiation despite the trouble it has...

Bibliography: * Wikipedia,
* "Fly Kingfisher",
* eConference 2007 - Issue 6, "Interview with Girish Shah - Marketing head, Kingfisher Airlines Limited", 2007
* Marketing study sites
* Books : Kotler
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