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Also known as Kingdom Metaphyta
Includes all types of eukaryotic, multicellular, photosynthetic, plants found in the biosphere
Most are autotrophs (synthesize own food with help of solar energy)
Contains about billion types of plant species
Based on biologists, plants are divided into four main groups:
1. Phylum Bryophyta
2. Phylum Pteridophytae
3. Phylum Angiosperms
4. Phylum Gymnosperms
These four main groups were classified based on:
The presence/absence of vascular tissues (xylem and phloem; transport of nutrients)
The presence/absence of seeds
Two types of plants
1. Non-Flowering
Mosses (Bryophyta)
Ferns (Pteridophytae)
2. Flowering
Vascular tissues and the seeds play a vital role in transporting substances (water, minerals, and sugars) throughout the plant.
Seeds are structures, which contains an embryo that helps in storing food.
Phylum Bryophyta (Mosses)
Referred to as Bryophytes
Simplest plants; simple stems and leaves
No true roots; very small in structure
Non- vascular land plant; do not contain any conducting tissues
Have rhizoids for anchorage
Spores from capsules (wind-dispersal)
Mainly growing on damp terrestrial land, on other plants, and on rocks
Reproduction process is carried in their spores. (seedless)
Play a vital role in soil erosion
Ex: Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts

Phylum Pteridopyhtae (Ferns)
1. Frond  a leaf (finely divided into small parts)
2. Pinna/Pinnae  small parts of the frond
3. Sori  spores
Has true roots; feathery leaves & underground stems
Have vascular tissues
Spore- reproducing organs (seedless)
Involved in transportation of fluids
Ex: Horsetails, ferns, and club mosses
Phylum Angiosperms
Flowering plants; vascular
Develops seeds within a protective structure called an ovary, which is embedded in the flower
Reproduction process is carried by Angiosperm
Angiosperms in the class Dicotyledonae grows into two-seed leaves

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