King's Speech

The King’s Speech King George VI was the second son of George V and was named Albert after his grandfather Prince Albert. While he was The Duke of York he had never expected or wished to become king. He was naturally anxious and suffered from a stutter but never lacked bravery and had a strong sense of Duty. He had fought at the Battle of Jutland in World War I, and was the first member of the Royal Family to learn to fly. In 1923 he married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. They had two daughters Elizabeth, who later became Queen Elizabeth II, and Margaret Rose. He became King George VI in December 1936 following the death of his father George V and the abdication of his brother. The start of World War II started shortly after­wards.
Hitler's aggressive foreign policy led to the invasion of Bohemia and Moravia in March 1939. Britain and France agreed to support Poland if there were to be a German invasion. (BBC News) Their agreement did little to stop Hitler, who attacked Poland on September 1, 1939. The outbreak of war led to evacuation of women and children from London and other large cities. Other emergency measures were also declared. King George had to then step up and speak to his country.
On September 3, 1939, King George VI gave an address to the nation, explaining that they were once more at war and why they were at war. Addressing his audience appropriately and handling his speech impediment efficiently, King George VI calls on his people, effectively presenting his arguments for going to war with Germany. His purpose was to inspire his people and unite them in battle. This speech was written so the king could talk to his people and explain the reasons for being involved in the war. King George VI presented a strong argument in favor of going to war. While speaking, he calls on his peoples’ sense of duty. In the national address, King George VI reminds the people that more diplomatic actions have been attempted, but have failed against their new

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