King Phillips War

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, New England Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: October 22, 2013
US History
Conflicts with the Native Americans
10 points

Using your textbook p. 56- 57 & 82, to answer the following questions

1. How did the settlement of the Connecticut valley disrupt life for the Pequot? What did this ultimately result in during April of 1637?

Settlers had took land away from the Indians and made them sign treaties and they did not understand. When two of the English men and the English thought that the Indians did it so they attacked them. The Indians retaliated on the April of 1637 and then it goes back and forth and it ends when the Indians are made an example of.

2. Describe the next thirty years of existence for the Native Americans of New England. Do you think there was any way to for the Natives and the English to peacefully coexist in this situation? If so, How?

They were extreme tension from the land. There were some that actually did want to live peaceful. The Indians signed treaties to live peacefully, or so they thought.

The natives were forced to live along with the Europeans. The natives were not happy and had to adapt the policies.

3. Describe the causes and effects of King Philip’s War.

The causes would be the Indians would be made an example for the colonies. The effects was the hundreds of the Indians that had died from the war.

Causes- Trying to get land, with the land they were bringing the European cultures with the land, rallied tribes, began to start attacking towns in Mass. Effects- The Indians had became slaves and the Indians were discouraged to rebel again.

4. Could King Philips War have been avoided?

No, it not have been avoided.

5. How might the history of New England have differed if the Indians had won King Philip’s war? Then the usa would not be where it is today and the Indians would be more diverse in todays world.
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