King Midas

Topics: Midas, Silenus, Phrygia Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Long ago, during the time of knights and dragons, there lived a king named Midas. He was considered one of the richest men on earth, but just like the many wealthy people around, money did not bring much happiness to him. Unsatisfied, he then assumed that perhaps being the richest among the rich could be the answer to his desires for a better life.

Once, our friend was sitting on his throne, contemplating the meaning of life like he always did at lonely times, when his honorable servants came rushing to him. In one of their arms carried a dwarf of an old man. Bewildered, King Midas asked with a tone of inflection in his voice, "Who is this funny-looking little man? He looks like that idiot friend of mine, Confucius!"

"Master, do not be rude!" one of the servants warned. He continued, this time whispering: "This man here is Silenus. He happens to be the friend of the great god, Bacchus!"
"Where did u find him?" Midas demanded to know. An encounter with the friend of god seemed nearly impossible.
"We found him, unconscious, under the apple tree in our garden. Apparently he had tried to reach for the fruits when your pet dog, Chap, thought he was a thief, so he went charging at Silenus, knocking the daylights out of him," reported the servant. Silenus lay in the arms of the young man, fast asleep. Midas then ordered the servants to bring him to a guestroom and watch over him. When Silenus woke from his deep sleep, he was all dazed, unable to recall whom he was. He had lost his memory.

Midas offered the old man accommodations at his palace for as many days as he would prefer. He allowed the old man to eat as much as he wanted to. He just wanted the man to feel comfortable during his stay.

The old man grew bored easily as he had found the entertainment available at the Midas Palace was not suited for old geezers like himself. As a result, the King himself got bored at Silenus. He had attempts to make...
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