King Lear

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23 October 2013
The King

The play King Lear and the movie King Lear both shared many similarities. They both told the story about the aging King of Britain and his fall from glory. The movie I watched was named King Lear and was directed by Trevor Nunn. The person who played King Lear was Ian McKellen. In both of these stories Lear was the King of Britain and both the movie and the play start off with him getting ready to retire and pass down his kingdom. King Lear was a powerful king and also one that was well respected, but as the play and movie develop there is evidence that shows other people do not respect him to the extent that he thought. Except in the movie it is visible when Lear gets upset. One of the things that led to the demise of his status was that he blindly gave his Kingdom away to the wrong daughters. This is the beginning of many events that start to show him becoming senile in both the play and the movie. Although, toward the end of the play and movie King Lear realized that money was not everything, but that true love was. The movie helped the viewer visualize what was going on. The first similarity that was noticeable between the play and movie was how both of these portrayed King Lear. For example, we learn very early in the play that he was a wealthy man and that he had a lot of wealth he was going to give away. In the movie it was visible that the King was extremely wealthy. The way this was visible was how Lear was dressed. In the movie Lear was dressed up in what appeared to be an expensive outfit and a hat that only a King would Lear. Also, in the movie the house looked very extravagant and fancy. There were very large tables and the décor was the best of the best on everything. When Lear sat down in the movie he had people pulling out his chair and handing him pens. This shows the true power of the King. Normal people do not get that treatment. Seeing this occur...

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