King Jewel

Topics: Management, Ethics, Gemstone Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: March 12, 2009
KingJewels: Ethical Leadership in practice Situation Analysis The company discovered that a key staff member had accepted advantages in return for manipulating King Jewels’ records, approving the use of substandard gemstones, bribing subordinates to cover up the matter, and possibly accepting the reward from suppliers. However, there is one person that has held the secret of who is the behind of this action, Wai Man, an accountant and finance manager. She found out that her brother, Clement Tam, has been accepting the advantages for many years. So, she is now facing the dilemmas of being professional with her job or hold on with the family relation. SWOT Analysis Problem/Key Issues What KingJewels should do for the below-standard quality they have sold to the customers? Alternatives and evaluations Tam Wai Man should tell Mr. Wong about her brother bribery action Step 2 Reaction that the board of directors should be done with Tam Wai Man and Clement Tam Alternative 1: Give both Tam Wai Man and Clement Tam second chance *Alternative 2: *Fired both of the *employees* and making the punishment Alternative 2: Mr. Wong should control on the operation and financial activities such as finding the resource and purchasing with the suppliers Alternative 3: Training the ethical issues *Alternative 1: Offer the replacement or refundable *within six months Recommendation Step 1: Tam Wai Man should inform the board of directors about the accepted advantage of her brother the same mistake. Step 4: The company should offer the replacement and refundable to the customer (Alternative 1) Step 5: Return or sell the below-standard gemstone to the suppliers in exchange of the good condition Strategic Intent “ To be the largest jewelry maker in the region by providing the high quality product with innovative design and affordable price.” Strategic Mission KRAs, Strategies, Objectives Appendix The criteria of evaluation (giving rank 1-5 by 1 is the...
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