King Corn

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The King Corn movie, which takes place in Greene, Iowa, is a dialogue based on the topic of corn and how corn has an effect on our daily lives. The two “star” individuals, who go by the names of Ian and Curtis, after graduating from college decided to find out about this rumor of corn causing a short life-span. The two curiously decide to move to Iowa and commence their adventure to find out if this rumor is actually true and educate others how corn has infiltrated the food most Americans eat at this present time. With this documentary, Ian and Curtis are able to let the truth be known to all who watch the film.

One of the land owners receives a letter from Curtis and Ian, requesting that they would like to purchase an acre from him in order to cultivate corn. Upon their arrival, the two meet up with an agriculturalist (Steve Macko) that informs Ian and Curtis how the carbon in his hair originates from corn. They both look at each other with confused and amazed looks. Steve Macko goes on to say, “Corn is being used in materials into the foods we use ubiquitously!” Being educated on that point, the two take a trip to the grocery store to find out that many of the products sold contained some form of corn.

The documentary revealed some interesting points. One main interesting fact I found to be is the misleading nutrition facts of corn and how corn syrup is not recognized as corn syrup but as fructose syrup etc. etc. etc. Along with that corn syrup is one of the nation’s leading diagnoses of diabetes and obesity. I feel we would be able to somehow broadcast the truth about how the food Americans eat today not only shorten your life-span but also cause disease, complications, and eventually add more bills to the list. Mentioned in the documentary, farmers used ammonia with the rapid growth of corn fields, which I found interesting. When it came out to finding out how much the government would contribute to the cultivation of each...
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