King Arthur

Topics: King Arthur, Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart, Mordred Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: November 23, 2008
King Arthur

Throughout time people have faced challenges with their love lives. Some must choose between what is right and what some may want. In the legends of King Arthur, many decisions must be made that may affect the future of Camelot, Arthur’s kingdom. Many versions of Arthur’s story can be ream or viewed on film.

One specific movie called, “The First Knight,” is a portrayal of the famous love triangle between King Arthur, his wife Lady Guinevere and the mysterious Sir Lancelot. Similarities between this movie and some readings are apparent. One is, although Guinevere has a secret affair with Sir Lancelot, she did love King Arthur and had not just used him for the privileges that came with marrying him. Also, in bother versions, Lancelot is said to be the most powerful knight and becomes Arthur’s first knight. Lancelot’s chivalry in the movie is seen when he respects Guinevere when he tells her that he shall not kiss her again until she asks him to. He keeps his word, but when he does kiss her, he is breaking a knight’s code by cheating with another man’s wife. It’s worse though, because Arthur was the king and also Lancelot’s friend. Another similarity is the trust King Arthur has in Lancelot. He never suspects his wife and his best knight are romantically involved. Even more vast is the differences between “The First Knight,” and the text version. In the movie, Lancelot isn’t searching to become a knight, the opportunity falls into his lap after he saves Guinevere from Malagant. Guinevere speaks up and explains to the king and the Knights of the Round Table that Lancelot doesn’t stay in one place, he travels and does as he pleases. She is surprised when he accepts to become a knight and he is staying so he can stay with Guinevere because he loves her. When King Arthur finds out about Lancelot and Guinevere, he makes a hard decision to let them go or have them punished. In the text, Guinevere is set to be killed but Lancelot comes...
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