King Arthur

Topics: Knights of the Round Table, Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart, King Arthur Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Courage, justice, loyalty, three words that are displayed in the movie, The First Knight. In medieval times, a knight was expected to live my the code of chivalry which is usually associated with knightly virtues, honor and courtly love. Knights were expected to have strength, know how to fight, but also be kind to others. In the rules of courtly love it talks about love, and love for another man’s wife. In the movie, The First Knight, Lancelot displays courage, loyalty, and justice, while interfering with another man’s wife, which in many ways turns people against him.

When I see the word loyalty I think of friendship, sticking by someone’s side through good times and bad times. And in the movie The First Knight, Sir Lancelot shows loyalty towards Guenevere, and King Arthur. Lancelot had a friendship with King Arthur when Lancelot was being inducted by King Arthur into the Round Table. Showing the “brother to brother” bond between the two. The round table symbolizes brotherhood, equality, and the life of service. Lancelot was also loyal to Guenevere, when Lancelot saved her from Malagant’s castle. Lancelot would do anything for Guenevere, and their relationship would get stronger as the movie progressed. But Lancelot wasn’t loyal all the time. When Malagant ambushed King Arthur’s army, Guenevere had to get out of her carriage and run. Before she knew it, Malagant’s army was trying to kidnap her, so Lancelot saved her. As Malagant’s army backed off and left, Lancelot didn’t help Guenevere get back to her advisor. He may have helped her, but only to a certain point. That is not sticking by someone’s side, like a loyal friend would do. Lancelot also didn’t respect Guenevere when he kissed her. Lancelot knew that she would be marrying King Arthur. Even though Lancelot was loyal a lot throughout the movie, he still messed up and wasn’t loyal to Guenevere.

When someone is brave and isn’t afraid in the presence of fear, that means that they are showing courage....
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