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Hair Cut
An expensive barber does not necessarily cut hair better than a reasonably priced one. I used to think that a good haircut would be expensive, so I looked for a shop that did not have low prices. I found one and told the barber I wanted my hair cut short. He cut my hair and I went home. When I got home, my mother told me my head looked crooked. The barber had not bothered to make sure that the left and right sides were trimmed to the same length. When my hair grew back, I asked friends to recommend a good barber shop that charged reasonable prices. The barber they recommended was very careful and made sure my hair looked good before saying he was finished. When I got home, my mother said I looked great. I realized then that you cannot judge a haircut by its price.

Anger is having a feeling of hatred toward someone or something. It is one of our basic emotions and can be most dangerous if it is not carefully controlled. A person can become angry when he cannot fulfill some basic need or desire that is important to him. For example, a child may become angry when he cannot play outside with his friends. An adult may become angry when he does not receive a raise in pay that he expected. Mentally, anger can interfere with our thoughts, making it difficult to think clearly. Physically, it may cause violent reactions in the muscles and in the nervous system. This causes an angry person to flush and tremble and to show other signs of disturbance. A person can be dangerous if he is in an angry mood because he can develop feelings of hostility and hatred toward another person, which can then often turn violent.


Facebook has been a hit to social networking websites users regardless their age, race, geographical setting and so forth. The mushrooming existence of other social networking websites has never been able to compete facebook. Facebook users has always logged on to the website at any time for many purposes. Some play games while some others chat with their friends. Facebook can be a medium to connect you with your friends when you have problems, play games and answer exciting quizzes when you need entertainment or even express your opinion over something when you want to broadcast your ideas. Basically, facebook users can be categorized into three group; i.e. the friend seekers, the game addicts and the blog mania.

            The first category of facebook users is the friend seekers. Friend seekers are new friends initiators, old friends finders and on hand friends abettors. They are those who like to make new friends, get connected with their friends or even search for long lost friends. New friends’ initiators log in on the social network websites just to type a name and search for an unknown name and request to become a friend. Old friends’ finders are those who would search for their childhood or primary school friends to get to know about their present life. On hands friends abettors, on the other hand, try all their best to keep in touch with their friends as regularly as possible. Friend seekers make new friends, search for their old friends and get the updated news about their existing friends. All they want to know is everything that matters with friendship. These types of users, who cherish friendship, are online for hours just for the sake of their friends.

            The next category is the game addicts. Game addicts can be categorized into player, challenger and designer. Facebook features many entertaining games and quizzes. Farmville, for example, requires its player to plough, harvest and get rewarded. The first type of game addict- the players are usually addicted to this game making it hard for them to do other thing than playing this game. These players log in to the facebook, burning the midnight oil just to play Farmville. Other than player, game addicts could also be a challenger. Challengers invite their friends...
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