Kinds of music

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Kinds of Music

How can we compare different kinds of music and classify its advantages from one another? This raises two broad issues: classification procedures and clustering procedures. Comparative musicology is the scientific discipline devoted to the cross-cultural study of music. It looks at music in all of its forms across all world cultures and throughout historical time. As with its sister discipline of comparative linguistics and comparative musicology.

Classification procedures attempt to characterize the degree of similarity among elements of a set. Because musical systems are complex combinations of features (e.g., pitch, rhythm, instruments, performance style), the classification of music is strongly tied in with a cognitive understanding of the basic sub-systems that comprise music. For example, a classification of interval sizes would occur along a continuous dimension whereas a classification of rhythm-types would most likely be done with regard to a series of categorical sub-types. While classification procedures are able to quantify the musical similarity between any two songs, the more important objective of classification is to create stylistic clusters of entire repertoires. These clusters can be thought of as “music families”, analogous to language families in linguistics. In addition, cultures differ in their degree of musical diversity, with some cultures having relatively homogeneous repertoires and others having very diverse ones. This analysis can help characterize the diversity of musical repertoires within and between cultures.

Classical Music: art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western music (both liturgical and secular). It encompasses a broad period from roughly the 11th century to the present day. The repertoire tends to be written down in musical notation, creating a musical part or score. This score typically determines details of rhythm, pitch, and, where two or more musicians (whether singers or...
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