Kinds of Informal Reports

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Kinds of Informal Report

There are six kinds of informal report;

1.Information Report
2.Progress Report
3.Justification Report
4.Feasibility Report
5.Minutes of meetings
The detail of all these reports is given below.

1.Information Report:

What is Information Report?
The reports that collect and organize information are informative or investigative reports.

The information reports may records routine activities such as daily, weekly, and monthly reports of sales or profits, they may investigate options, performance, or equipment. Although they provide information, they do not analyze that information. Writers of information reports provide information without drawing conclusion or making recommendations. Some information reports are highly standardized, such as police report, hospital admittance report, monthly sales report, or government regulatory reports.

How Information Report is developed? / Parts of Information Report: There are three parts of information report:
2.Body (findings)
Introduction: In the introduction we explain why we are writing. For some reports, we describe what methods and sources were used to gather information and why they are credible. Some time we have to provide any special background information that may be necessary. Body: In the findings section we organize the facts in a logical sequence. We might group information in one of these patterns: •Chronological

Journalism style (who, what, where, why, and how)
Simple to complex
Most to least important
We have to decide whether to use functional headings, or a combination. It should be sure that words used as headings are parallel in structure. Conclusion: at the end we conclude by summarizing our findings or highlighting our main points.

Tips for writing Information Report:
While writing the information report we should keep in mind some important points which are given below; •Short letter format should be used for short information reports sent to outsiders •The facts section should be organized into logical division identified by consistent headings. •Double space should be used between paragraphs.

Two blank lines should be left above each side heading.
1 to 1*1/4 inches side margins should be created.
If necessary, the second page headings should add, consisting of the addressee’s name the page number and the date.

2.Progress Report:

What is Progress Report?
A report of work accomplished during the specified time period is called progress report.

Progress reports monitor the headway of unusual or no routine activities. Continuing projects often require progress reports to describe their status. Such reports usually answer three questions; 1.Is the project on schedules?

2.Are corrective measures needed?
3.What activities are next?

Types of Progress Report:
There are two types of progress report;
1.Internal progress report
2.External progress report

Internal progress report: internal progress report includes informing the management of the status of activities. External progress report: external progress report includes advising customers regarding the headway of their projects.

How Progress Report is developed?

Progress report typically follows the following pattern of development or we can say that progress report has following six parts;

1.Purpose and nature of project
2.Background information
3.Summary of work completed
4.Work in progress
5.Problems and remedies
6.Future activities

Purpose and nature of project: In the opening the purpose and nature of project is described. Background information: If it is necessary or on the demand of our audience the background information is provided Summary of work completed: After providing the background information summary of work completed till now is written. Work in...
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