Topics: Novel, Fiction, Black people Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: February 18, 2013
In the science fiction novel, Kindred by Octavia Butler, Butler writes about a modern black woman Dana and how she travels back to the antebellum South every time her ancestor needs help. Fiction writing that deals often playfully and periodically, with the nature of fiction, the techniques and conventions used in it, and the role of the author therefore metafiction applies because throughout the story it deals with the writing of fiction or conventions of fiction. Now in our modern daytime it is used more common but Butler approached her task exquisitely. There are many examples where she deals with fiction about fiction, which includes the books she mentions, how slaves are not allowed to read nor write in the antebellum South, and the mirror image of Dana and the author herself.

One of the books she mentions is The Second Book of King’s where Rufus’s mother explains how Dana saved his life by the river. "Where Elisha breathed into the dead are boy mouth, and the boy came back to life. Mama said she tried to stop you when she saw you doing that to me because you were just some nigger she had never seen before. Then she remembers second Kings,"(24). Robinson Crusoe gets mentioned when Rufus asks Dana to read to him while his leg is injured. The book is about a black man being on a slave-trade voyage after being shipwrecked. This reflects on Dana because she travels back in time to come and rescue an ancestor and ordered to work at the Weylin's place. " As a kind of castaway myself, I was happy to escape into the fictional world of someone else's trouble," (86). Therefore, Butler must have put this to perplex what slaves had been through. " I read books about slavery, fiction and nonfiction. I read everything I had in the house that was even distantly related to the subject --- even Gone with the Wind, or part of it,"(116). Reading books to make time fly, Dana reads every book she has. “Like the Nazis, antebellum whites had known quite a bit about...
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