Kindness Project

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KiRosemary Keefer The Kindness Project Intro to Psychology 1100 The Kindness Project is a project that helped me understand the facial feedback hypothesis and mood contagion theories. My audience or subjects happen to be at the hospital on a vascular, renal, telemetry unit. For the most part these patients are not happy to be in the hospital due to not feeling well at all. In this paper I will explain how the day began, what the day was like and relate what concepts were used.

The morning began for me with the alarm buzzing loudly in my ear to get up and start the twelve hour shift for this day. It was still dark outside and it was five in the morning. I started the day like I would normally, but in the back of my head thinking of ways to use my facial expressions and my mood contagious to all that I come in contact with during this Monday morning. The first person I encountered was a stranger on the elevator and I turned and smiled to this person not a smile where one might be able to see the whites of my teeth, but still a smile. The smile was not returned to me at this time. I realized that maybe they had a lot gone on and this should not make me change my plan on making others relax and reciprocate my happy day. The next person I came across was a co-worker who was not as happy about being at work on a Monday morning. I smiled to to my co-worker with the whites of my teeth showing this time and said if you need any help today I am here for you. This made my co-worker smile back and say to me you know the day is better since I know you are here. The real test would be the patient. I had several patients on this particular day. I greeted each with a smile and took my time to make sure that they had everything they needed, so that they would have a great stay in this unit. Just doing a simple smile and being positive seemed to make other people reciprocate the treatment or attitude in return.

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