Kindness Essay

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Lending a Helping Hand

For a couple of years now, I have been helping put together thanksgiving dinners for disadvantaged people and families in our community. I started doing this in my sophomore year of high school with one of my classes, Job’s For Maine Graduates. This program or class is all about helping people in need. When I started this class my teacher asked me to be the vice president and help out a little more. When thanksgiving came around he asked me to help out with this event. A lot of people come to help out, even our principal and Tom Saviello one of our town representatives; always show up to lend a hand. This thanksgiving dinner is held at the Mt. Blue High School Cafeteria, on Thanksgiving Day, it’s free of charge but we do accept donations to help fund more projects we do.

We put this together by having students and teachers from our whole school bring in thanksgiving foods like vegetables and pie’s sort of like a food drive, but the grade that brings in the most food gets to pick a teacher that has to kiss a pig. To get the turkeys a few of our local stores donate them and other produce that can be expensive. One of the fun parts is cooking the food, a bunch of highly trained high schoolers ; a few other volunteers and the brains, a group of mom’s and grandmothers come in early to start the cooking . Once we get the food ready we set up the cafeteria with a bunch of decorations and try to make it feel like home as possible My job this year was to serve the food, I think this was the best job I’ve ever had at this event. I liked it because I could see the smiles on every ones face. I loved watching the kids; it’s hard because some of them look like they haven’t eaten in a months. But when they are in line, they say please and thank you and always smile. They also got really excited when reminded that we were serving dessert. This year I felt like there were more...
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