Kindle vs Ipad

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Amazon is an online based selling business. sells thousands of items ranging from clothing, beauty products, books, electronic, plus so much more (“Essortment”, 2011). Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, focusing on the selling of books (“Essortment”, 2011). Following the creation of Amazon investors took interest, putting money into website design and expanding the range of items sold (“Essortment”, 2011). The decision to sell a variety of items brought success but in 2001 revenue had dropped and employees were being laid off (“Essortment”, 2011). Bezos, the original founder, came up with the idea of recruiting companies to sell their products through the Amazon website, this move generated the needed sales to get Amazon back on its feet and generate profits for all companies involved (“Essortment”, 2011).

The product being researched is the Kindle Fire which is created by Amazon. The Kindle Fire comes in two sizes, 7” and 8.9” and different memory sizes available, ranging from 8 GB to 64 GB, and also has the option of being in HD (“Amazon”, 2013). The Kindle Fire closest to comparison in this analysis is the Kindle Fire HD 8.9” 4G wireless tablet. Some of the features offered on the Kindle Fire are high-speed web browsing making it possible to check e-mail, stream movies, as well as web chat using Skype (“Amazon”, 2013). There is a large variety of T.V shows, movies, magazines, books, and applications that can be downloaded easily to the Kindle Fire (Amazon, 2013).

Amazon has made improvements and upgraded its services since development in 1994. By looking at all products offered there is a limited supply that is offered and the prices are controlled by the participants selling certain items. The Kindle Fire tablet is still an e-reader with upgraded functions making it a more appealing product. By Amazon keeping their Kindle Fire at a competitive price they are able to control the equilibrium of the supply and demand. More and more...
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