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Kindle Fire Hd

By rhondagriffin Feb 06, 2013 628 Words
Rhonda Griffin
Due:February 6,2013
Notebook computer

Kindle Fire HD

From my experience the Kindle Fire HD Android tablet, and views, the Kindle Fire HD is said to be the most advanced in the world. This mini-tablet computer version of was announced on September 28,2011. I have had good experience from this tablet. I received one for my Christmas present last year. This is a light weight tablet that weighs approximately 6 ounces compared to lugging a laptop around .The model number is DO25 AOAO 2443 current version 7.2.3. I have 16GB for $199 or you can purchase the one for $249.00 for 32GB. The kindle fire has 11 hours of battery to allow me a lot of time on any assignment that I am working on. The Kindle comes with the HD video and video chat with the backlit screen for doing homework on a well-lit screen or If I want to talk to a class mate about an assignment that we can’t discuss in class. I can also lock my kindle fire if I misplace or lose it. Whoever finds it will not have access to get into the kindle fire to access any of my accounts.

The kindle fire can save a college student a lot of money by renting e-books of course materials, that is becoming increasable expensive when buying them on campus. On my Amazon account, I have purchased many books for my class at a cheaper price than the campus. For example one book original cost was 193.00dollars and I paid 65.00 dollars for the same book.

The Kindle fire HD lets me Connect to any WI-FI in the home or any network Hotspot, especially if I’m on the road. This tablet is great for all my classes. It allows me get on Blackboard to retrieve homework assignments. Post comments, or emails to my instructors or anyone that is in my email listing. The kindle fire will also allow you text documents and send documents in PDF to share information. It also has a free version of Microsoft office document. This will allow you to access files and apps, open, read, edit and share your word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. I find that the kindle fire is the computer that you can easily read a PDF files. You can also side load apps from other sources for free. When writing essays or any assignments it will allow me to instantly touch the screen to get the dictionary meaning of the word and spell correct.

The Kindle fire also has the silk cloud browser that will let you surf the web and find varies sites for faster speed for different sites. The mini- computer has more storage compared to an IPAD. I have the options to view different digital books, movies, magazines, apps and songs. These when down loaded to borrow or purchased can be saved in the cloud for later to share with other people. You can also acquire an Amazon membership and borrow over 180,000 books from the kindle library. This will save me some time from going to the public library for research on books. I can go to the public library if the books are not available on the web for me to read and borrow them from my library and return them in 2 weeks and re- check them out. The kindle also lets me connect to apps such as Yahoo,Hotmail,AOL and Gmail. My over all experience so far, the Kindle Fire HD is more accessible to me than my laptop or desktop. The Kindle Fire also has the FreeTime for kids which is great for younger age group.

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