Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, The Holocaust Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Kindertransport was the title given to the efforts made by the British government prior to the outbreak of World War Two to bring out of Nazi Germany and occupied Austria and Czechoslovakia Jewish children. Kindertransport was an attempt to remove these children from an increasingly perilous situation whereby war looked almost inevitable. During a nine-month period, 10,000 Jewish children aged between one and seventeen were transported to the UK. Though these children were separated from their families, many of them would have faced the same fate as their families if they had stayed. The vast majority of the Kindertransport children never saw their parents again. On arrival in the UK after a journey by train and boat, they stayed with British families – few could speak English – though some boarded at schools such as Oswestry in Shropshire. In the immediate aftermath of Krystalnacht, many Jews were in real danger. The Nazi regime had given a green light to Nazi thugs to attack Jews seemingly at will and with no possibility of being punished for doing so. Those parents who could get their children out of Germany did so. In this British diplomats helped them. While the total number was small compared to the number of children who remained, it may be safely concluded that many of these 10,000 would not have survived the war and would have been victims to the Holocaust. The first of the children left Nazi Germany barely a month after Krystalnacht. The British government required a £50 bond per child to ensure their ultimate resettlement. The last group of children left on September 1st 1939. The declaration of war on September 3rd led to the end of the project.

This refers to Eva in the play Kindertransport. A young German Jewish girl who I sent away on the kindertransport to England, where she meets her temporary foster mother, Lil. The play itself revolves around true events and presents to us what happened and what both children and family went through and...
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