Kin 355

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss Pages: 4 (1171 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Kelsey Davidson
KIN 355 Research Paper

Triggering Physical Activity in A Classroom in a Creative Way

One out of three American kids are obese. This rate has nearly tripled in the past thirty years. According to the Medical Dictionary, obesity is an abnormal accumulation of body fat, twenty percent or more over an individual’s ideal body weight for their age and height. As we know obesity can lead to horrible things such as illness, disability, and death. To put a stop to obesity we need to start educating kids at a younger age, considering their rate is skyrocketing. Children need to be more aware of obesity, the facts and statistics, and how to avoid it and be healthy. Our job as a teacher is to promote physical activity in a classroom on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we cannot control what our students do for exercise at home or what they eat, but we can control what goes on in our classrooms, and that is the best place to start.

One way to promote physical activity in a classroom is using pedometers. Pedometers are devices that can count each step you take by detecting the motion of a person’s hip. This is a device you can use to actually record the amount of physical activity your students can encounter in a school day. The best way to use these is to set up activities, games, and competitions in your classroom. You can ask questions like, who has took the most steps today? Or, Are the students more active than the teacher? A little competition might spike up the children’s physical activity, instead of taking a short cut to lunch, they might take a longer route just to add more steps to there pedometer. Little situations like this make a difference. Another activity you could do is, see how many steps it takes your students to walk a mile. Then have an activity labeled: How many steps would it take to walk across America? They can calculate how many steps it takes them to walk a mile then multiply it by how many miles it would take to get to...

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