Kimberly Miller CCJ 4656 2 Gang Activity and Drug Operations 2 Traditional Socioeconomics of Joining Gangs and the Relation of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Gang, Poverty Pages: 12 (2578 words) Published: February 10, 2015

Traditional Socioeconomics of Joining Gangs and the Relation of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs By: Kimberly Miller
Gang Activities and Drug Operation-2

There have been many theoretical explanations of why delinquents and adolescence, youth and other people might join gangs. Members of gangs have been questioned on why they would want to join a gang and most of them come up with socioeconomic factors and some say the attraction to street gangs are a rush. There are many different socioeconomic factors in their decision or choice to join a street gang. There have also been many different types of experts, researchers, doctors, sociologists, and psychologists all have their own theories and opinions about the socioeconomic factors for joining a street gang. Psychologist Abraham Maslow was one of the theorist to give some explanation of the socioeconomic factors for joining a gang through the pyramid called “Maslows Hierarchy of Needs.” In this paper I will be explaining in detail the traditional socioeconomic factors that push individuals into joining gangs and the relation Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has to the Traditional Socioeconomic factors. There are many traditional socioeconomic factors in an individual’s decision or choice to join a gang and these factors are as followed: “the Shifting Labor Market; the development of an underclass (which as traditional roots); poverty and the feminization of poverty; the breakdown of a nuclear family; the lack of education; and the acceptance, protection, and survival.” (Delaney, 2013) Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is divided into 5 levels and they are as follows: 1). Physiological, 2). Safety, 3). Love/ Belongingness, 4). Esteem, and 5). Self- Actualization. Maslow’s 5 motivations are needed and when the basic needs not met then it is said to be a motivator for individuals. The first 3 layers should be met by parents, family, guides and mentors around the individuals and if the first level is not met and satisfied hen a person cannot progress on to the next level or to the highest level which is self- actualization. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and the Traditional Socioeconomic factors can be applied to one another because of the factors for people joining gangs and also because they are missing basic needs in the environments around them. The first socioeconomic factor is the Shifting Labor Market. The shifting labor market is the securities main motivation for any and all action that are done and being done. It is said that the best economics mean for accomplishing security is because it allows one to live life free of daily violence, murder, gang activities, and also mayhem. This is also a very important point due to gang members often coming from lower socioeconomic statuses. The main concern with the effects of economics within gangs is job opportunities in the U.S. today basic job skills can’t be assured to give one stability to make a decent lifestyle for themselves; due to the shifting labor market in the marketing to the services of employment. Technology of today’s times has taken over so many job opportunities away from manufacture workers. In 2009, around 1.6 million workers lost manufacturing jobs. In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were less than 12 million jobs in manufacturing. There are many more jobs now in the service economy now because of the shift labor market, but, the problem is that they require higher levels of education; in which, causes lower-class individuals to not be able to apply and then in return loose out on financial stability and success. The shifting labor market has shown signs of this change for many years. Some people changed with the labor market and got themselves prepared for the postindustrial society and other people did not do as good preparing for the changes for various reasons. This caused many problems and disadvantages to the lower class, such as;...

References: Delaney, Tim (2014) American Street Gang (2nd Ed.) Pearson Custom Learning; Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
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