killing women

Topics: Aggression, Violence, Media violence research Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: November 12, 2014
Claire Zhou
Professor Heather
ESL 50
27 October 2014
Different Attitude toward Violence
In “Killing Women: A Pop-Music Tradition” John Hamerlinck reveals that the seemingly harmless world of pop music has developed its own style of woman-killing songs. Violent misogyny in songs is not new. In the 1920s, a song called “Careless Love” sang by Lonnie Johnson, “in which he promises to shoot his lover numerous times and then stand over her until she is finished dying”(417). In fact, killing women who have been with another man are common plots in popular songs, this kind of songs often conceals the truth of killing. However, the themes of killing women are in many forms of music. Like the famous song “Run For Your Life,” which reveals a fact of premeditation, stalking and threats to the target. Even the MTV generation has covered women-killing, such as “Man in Black” and “Delia’s Gone”. Nevertheless, Hammerlinck daims the music has no effect on behavior, so that means music does not cause violence and the singers are not vicious. Moreover , people are not concerned about the lyrics. If the melody is beautiful, who cares about the meaning? Indeeed, Music is one way an indifferent attitude towards violence is represented. Other ways society takes a casual attitude toward violence can be found in the video games we prefer, the TV we watch and the sports we play. Playing video games is good way to spend time, but now video games tend to paint a violent picture. For example, Halo is one of the most admired and influencial games in shooting games. In this game, people can shoot each other. In just a few minutes, players can see many people laying down the ground. When a player kills someone, the player will smile and want to kill more. In another game called Naruto, there are two players at the same time in this game. If one player has more skills, the one player can kill the other. Usually, the player can see blood and corpse on the screen. When people play...
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