Killing Us Softly

Topics: Adolescence, Male, Gender Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Thesis: In Tough Guise and killing us softly 3, Jackson Katz and Jean Kilburn argue that the media is pressuring people to become this certain image of being tough and looking perfect no matter what. Boys are being told not to cry. Girls are being told to be super skinny with no curves. This does not make sense because every human being should be able to do what they think is right instead of having a lot of pressure on their shoulders to act a certain way. Topic sentence #1: Mainly teens are being told to act and look a certain way. CD 1:Black male teenagers are being told to act tough around other people. Female teenagers are pressured to look a certain way by having no pores and their skin always looks perfect. CD 2:Teenage males are being taught from an early age to not show fear and to hold back the tears. Girls are also being taught from a young age to look skinny with big breasts. CD 3:boys are using masculinity as a performance. Studies show girls self esteem drop as a teen. Topic sentence #2: Violence is a huge cause of masculinity. Teenage girls use their bodies as sexual imagery. CD 1: 95 percent of violence is caused by men. Men try to look tough and then get caught up in what they are doing so they think fighting is the way to solve a problem. Girls are finding out that maybe if they use their body as a sexual image then men will like them more. CD 2: In the movie Rambo it is showing that guys are cool when they are acting tough. Women feel like if they are skinny and look perfect then everyone will like them. They get this image from the media. The media influences women to look perfect. It also shows that if you look perfect then you should be able to get anything you want and that if you have sex then you are cool. CD 3: Men watch sports and think that since they can get that masculine way on TV then all men can act that way. The media taunts men to act a tough way like wrestling on TV. They think it’s the cool thing to do and...
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