Killing Animal for Sport

Topics: Deer, Hunting, White-tailed deer Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: December 20, 2010
The Great Hunting Debate

Hunting, like many other things in our society has been going on for many years. People have always had something to say about hunting and how cruel it is etc. But now people are actually trying to put a total stop to hunting for fun. In this essay I will be putting forward the arguments for and against hunting. I hae done research on ther internet and recently watched a program about hunting in Exmoor.

There are many reasons for hunting, whilst researching I have found many plausable reasons for hunting and also many unplausable reasons, in this section of my essay, I will be putting the “for” argument across to you. In Exmoor there are over 6000 red deer on the hills, farmers feel that it is their responsibility to keep deer numbers down and to stop them from eating all the crops on their land. In Exmoor around 1000 red deer are killed each year by farmers and hunters. Farmers have been known to kill the deer “inhumanely” when they trespass on their land, many hunters believe that it is better to hunt the deer than to let a farmer take a random shot at it, they say that hunting is a lot more human for the animal and they don’t feel the pain, they die instantly.

Many businesses in the hunting towns rely hugely on the hunts. Many of the businesses would be out of business if hunting was to be banned in the UK. Some of the businesses affected would be:

· Saddlery

· Hotels

· Pubs

Many of the proprietors of these businesses believe in hunting and believe that it has to be

done to stop the deer eating all the crops and ruining the countryside by eating everything!

Hunters, as you know use dogs to chase the deer, although the dogs never actually come into contact with the deer, and the deer are never ever attacked by the dogs, the dogs are used purely to track the scent. Hunters feel that if they don’t hunt the deer, then there will be no deer left because the farmers will take random...
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