Killer Heroin

Topics: Heroin, Morphine, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (1700 words) Published: October 22, 2014

Killer Heroin Drug consumption is one of the most discussed and analyzed topics in society, literature, and scientific works. Drug use and abuse has persistently puzzled researchers, scientists, and law makers. During the last twenty years scientists have continued performing experiments, researchers have continued to research drug abuse and use, and law makers have continued to create new laws in hopes of regulating drug use. Drug specialists and scientists have developed an assortment of methodologies for fighting ever-increasing drug consumption and law enforcement have made many attempts at gaining control of the drug trade. In order to narrow down the extent of drug use and abuse, focus will be placed on one particular drug – heroin. During the course of this essay we are going to investigate the history of heroin from its beginnings to present day. Next we will investigate the evolution of heroin. Lastly we will focus on what makes it so addicting and why so many people choose to use it. What is heroin? Why is the death rate from using this drug increasing every year? Heroin comes from opium. Opium is a milky white liquid that is extracted from immature poppy plants. Two opiates, codeine and morphine, are found in this milky white liquid and are used for pain medication today (MacKinnon, 2007). Heroin was synthesized from morphine in 1874 by an English chemist, but was not produced commercially until 1898 by Bayer Pharmaceutical Company (Sneader, 1998). Later on, attempts were made to use heroin in place of morphine because of what was considered morphine abuse, but it turned out heroin was also highly addictive and eventually classified as an illegal drug in the United States. Heroin has been around for over 100 years and still to this day the use and abuse is increasing every year. The evolution of heroin is complicated because it didn’t start out as an actual drug, it was created using morphine (UOA, n.d.). In 1805...

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