Kilkenny Lumber Case Study

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Kilkenny Lumber Case Study Assignment

Part I

1. Productivity of the crew would be below standard. I believe for the productivity to be below standard because they were sent to this crew because of their lack of work. Just because they have been assigned to another crew, does not mean that they will begin to work well right away. When compared to the Equity Theory, I believe there to be positive inequity for the three men assigned to the new group. For being assigned to the group due to lack of work, it is unfair to have a higher pay grade than those who have been in the company for a longer period of time and who are doing their job correctly. This may cause issues with subprofessionals being motivated to work to their full potentials because they may see it as being unfair and at the same time the professionals may think they do not need to work as hard.

2. Crewmen would be moderately satisfied with their job. I believe that the crewmen would be more satisfied with their previous job, but may not fit in very well with the existing group. Some of the crewmen have been working there for quite a while longer and getting either the same pay or less. In addition, the existing crewmen may grow frustrated in having to pick up for the slack of the new crew members depending on the new crew members motivation. I do believe the incentives given for good work are good, but I believe the pay grade should be based on how long you have been with the company and your level of output and not centralized on education which is how it appears.

3. Group members would get along with some but not others. I believe the existing crew members would continue to get along with one another but the new professionals will feel like outsiders. The existing subprofessionals will continue to get along fine with one another, but it may be hard for them to accept the new professionals.

4. Crewmen will, in terms of the given job description do what they are...
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