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1. Attend the general apostolate orientation with the NSTP Coordinator. 2. Attend the follow-up orientation with your assigned NSTP 2 supervising instructor and be a part of the organization of the apostolate.

3. Review the previous apostolate results with your NSTP 2 supervising instructor.

4. Perform an ocular visit

5. Draft your project concept paper

6. Consultation with your supervising instructor, NSTP Coordinator, and concerned offices or project partners

7. Revision of concept paper incorporating results of consultation

8. Accomplish additional paper requirements or attachments like, but not limited to, waivers, activity checklist, etc.

9. Secure endorsement of your concept paper from: the NSTP Coordinator, STE Dean, SAO Dean, and VP for academics.

10. Secure approval of the University President on your apostolate papers.

11. Review your apostolate procedure and guidelines

12. Implement the concept paper, and the procedure and guidelines as approved. No implementing of project without the go signal from the NSTP Office.

13. At the end of the term, accomplish and submit properly an accomplishment report. See your Supervising instructor for format of the said accomplishment report.

14. Report/attend consultations with the supervising instructor and with the NSTP Coord as necessary.

15. Submit progress reports. See supervising instructors for details of such report requirement.

16. Strictly follow the apostolate project which was assigned to you and if there are changes, inform your Supervising Instructor and the NSTP Office.

17. It is your responsibility as NSTP 2 students to update yourself about the development of your program with proper coordination with your Supervising Instructor.

18. Students must master their approved project plans before implementation. It is important to know the nature of your project for easy implementation and facilitation. Be guided by your concept paper and related procedures and guidelines. 19. Facilitators and members must come to their duty punctually and regularly. Always wear properly your SLU student ID (visible at chest level) and NSTP uniform (t-shirt and button pin). Be reminded that attendance, tardiness and absences are likewise monitored during apostolate and concerned NSTP students are held accountable of their attendance, tardiness and absences. 20. Attendance will be monitored by the authorized checker. Properly accomplish your attendance before and after your duty using the NSTP Apostolate Activity Report Form. Accomplish this form properly and have it counter signed by the authorized checker. 21. Have the initiative to solve problems of the project. Exercise and exhaust your critical thinking and wisdom to decide on other concerns relative to the said work; remember however, that any decision or action you make is your responsibility and accountability. Meanwhile, always refer matters to your SI’s for approval before action is done. Never implement anything that is not yet approved by your SI. 22. Facilitators are not allowed to eat, call/ text (except for emergency cases), sit, chat with fellow students, make assignments or anything not related to HOUSEKEEPING while on duty. 23. Always accomplish your journal. Write important details regarding your duty such as comments, suggestions, and problems encountered by students, and school personnel. 24. Facilitators should monitor the progress of their apostolate and the performance of their teammates on duty. 25. Help maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the segregation...
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