Kids and Adults

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Robbie Williams Pages: 3 (1077 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Harpreet Singh
Professor Patrick
English 098
Adults feel less happy compared to kids
A really enjoyable time for kids are when they are with their friends playing outside getting exercise rather than sitting down like an adult. Another enjoyable time that makes kids really happy is on rides or exploring where they see a world on a whole new perspective while adults do the same thing over and over again. Everyone must act more a like kid to have more enjoyable time. Kids seem much happier than adults do.

Kids are so much more in happier when they are shape even more than adults. They have fun like they’re spending their last moment on earth. Running on the playground with other kids and socializing more. The more in shape you are the happier you feel when you move which is one of the reasons why kids do enjoy more out of life experience. Kids seem to have infinite amount of energy by simply by running plus the benefit of receiving exercise increases the amount of happiness that they feel. They often play games like Tag where you have to avoid the person who was last to be touched by another kid that was considered to be it. The amount of joy they receive by moving a lot and socializing is amazing when compared to adults who just sit and talk. These days you see kids playing outside seem to enjoy being outside a lot more than adults do. The less you weigh, the happier you are. With the lifestyle kids create makes them way healthier than adults do. Even the positive effect on self-esteem is getting built from then exercising and sleeping well at night. But mental and emotional health is unstable at their age. Think back of a time when you were a kid and laughing so much and being amazed at the most simplest things; now you gain and learn so much nothing to seem amazing anymore. The games that kids create always seem to get them more in shape and very much creative.

Creativity seems to be kid’s greatest weapon against boredom....
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