Kidney Sales: Are They Beneficial

Topics: Kidney, Chronic kidney disease, Nephrology Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Organ transplantation is a recently developed technology used to replace faulty organs with new ones. The most common form of transplant after the corneal one is the kidney transplant. It is the most effective and efficient way of resuming kidney function in the body caused due to kidney failure (various causes) and is proven to be more effective than dialysis. The number of people waiting for a kidney transplant is growing and the number of kidney donors is decreasing rapidly. The sale of kidneys has spawned a raging debate regarding its legal, ethical and economical implications. To know the debate, we must know the organ.

How it works:
The kidney is an organ that filters blood to remove all waste products (How Stuff Works, 2010). If the kidney is diagnosed with a disease or is unable to function, then the only long-term option is a kidney transplant. The kidney mainly operates on the principle of osmosis whereby it diffuses blood through the lining of the kidney, which is a semi permeable membrane. After filtering and purifying the blood with the help of nephrons, it switches to active transport discarding the waste as urine and excreta. The problem being faced is that the donor to recipient ratio is approximately 1:6. This demand has led to an upsurge in kidneys being exchanged for economic purposes illegally. The topic is being reviewed and thoroughly discussed as to whether it should be legalized or not. Most of the kidneys come from deceased donors and very few actually donate their organs, as there is no incentive for it. According to the Istanbul convention the legal price of a kidney is $0. The demand far outstrips the supply. Given the circumstances we should deeply consider legalizing kidney sales for the benefit of the community. This leads us to the question is a kidney transplant really necessary? Don’t we have any other option?

Effectiveness of science:
In case of terminal kidney diseases,...
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