Kidney Diseases in America

Topics: Chronic kidney disease, Nephrology, Renal failure Pages: 10 (4080 words) Published: July 31, 2013
Kidney Diseases in America
Nhia Yang, Tour’e Gates, Margarita Giannasidou, Benjamin Jensen, Daniel Olajonlu Advanced Program in Technology and Science
Saint Cloud State University
July 2013

Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease
People usually say “yes, yes, we know, we know” about the diseases, but they don’t really know the true purpose behind that. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a disease that makes kidney not as functional. The reason behind this is that it’s either from a long-term course or an inheritance from their parent’s genes. By the long-term it’s from all that food build up inside of their bodies. When the food is filling up inside their bodies, the kidney is supposed to release those waste. If the kidney doesn’t release those waste then there’s a problem. Those wastes will stay in their body and won’t be able to break it down to release those waste. Diseases

There are other ways of getting Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) either from diabetes or high blood pressure. Diabetes is caused by having glucose inside your blood. That can happen by a buildup in the blood stream. By causing that the glucose transport with the blood into the kidney which cause the disease for example spilling oil into the ocean. By doing that they cause a problem with the ocean, it’s same as the body. High blood pressure is caused by blood is forcing itself into the arteries. The arteries are there to flow the blood away from the heart. If there’s too much blood in the arteries then that cause a high blood pressure. If they have a high blood pressure the blood will flow into the kidney and there might be some other minerals that flow with it then there might be a problem for the kidney. The kidney can take in so much that it sometimes can’t take in too much blood and minerals at once. These 2 disease can be cause by either a long-term or an inheritance the same as the CKD. Heart Disease is a main point that affects the Kidney. From the previous paragraph the arteries help the heart flow the blood away from itself. But heart disease is caused by having a clot in the arteries. The one causing the clot is by plaque. When the plaque is inside of the arteries the blood won’t be able to flow through. For example, when there’s a river block by a big boulder there’s a big clot which cause either a heart attack or a stroke. These diseases cause certain problems for the kidney and can cause to other people too. Getting CKD is either a long-term or an inheritance. But having these diseases they might give the people a higher chance of getting CKD. Having CKD with the other diseases mention in the previous paragraph might have symptoms. Some of the disease might show or might not. If they only have CKD they won’t know at all. There’s no symptom showing to them that they have CKD or not. They must check with the doctor in order to find out if they have CKD or not. But in statistics they show about 5-10 % of the adult populations have CKD. Avoidance & Balance

When having CKD they must focus on all the food types or minerals they’re going to eat. Sodium can raise their blood pressure and will put strain in their kidney and heart. Potassium helps balance the body but if the kidney is damage and the potassium is overflowing in their bloodstream then that’ll cause a problem for their heart. If phosphorus is either too much or too little then there’ll be a problem. The reason is that too much makes their skin itches or to little the phosphorus will pull the calcium from their bones which will break. Even these little things can’t be avoided when having CKD. Cost

The cost of any disease is bases on the serially of the disease .Chronic Kidney disease or (CKD) is a very surfer disease. The two kidneys that are in your body and in everyone body have one major task, to clean the toxic waste from the body. That possess of cleaning the toxic waste from the blood and body is what makes the two kidneys so important. Now, when both kidneys fell that toxin...

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