Kidney Diease

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Knowing Your Kidney Disease

Introduction (1)

This book is being prepared in order to encourage and make the patient understand pathologies of diseases of the kidney. Kidney disease affects end-stage renal disease, which is kidney failure, affect 400,000 patients currently in the United States today, of which new cases of kidney failure actually contribute about 120,000 patients per year annually. The importance of early identification and knowing h0ow to live with kidney disease in order to minimize the risk of progression and eventually ending on dialysis which is an alternate for individuals with the terminal stages of their kidney disease – is important The aim of this book is to provide a wellness to patients that are living with kidney diseases. There is an increasing proportion of patients that are now found to have kidney disease daily. Previously most patients were noted to start having kidney disease when they have symptoms, which usually is the late stages of kidney disease. But now we have increased our awareness on more testing a lot of patients are found to have various mild forms of kidney disease, and if the causes of this kidney disease are controlled on these patients, the disease will not progress into making the patient depend upon dialysis. Patients with mild form of kidney disease that follow regularly with their physician and have the causative factor for those kidney disease control, live normal lives in most cases without ending up on dialysis. It’s always better to know what your kidney disease status is because even many medications that are given to you for causes of other medical problems can actually worsen your kidney function. Other preparations or diets may also make your kidney disease worse.

Prior to development of kidney failure, most patients usually have slowly progressive form of kidney disease that eventually leads to kidney failure. Early discovery and monitoring of this kidney disease might actually slow down or prevent development of kidney failure in more than 90 percent of the population. Many diseases, many chronic diseases can affect the kidney. Diabetes currently forms over 40 percent of the causes of kidney failure today. But other chronic disease, like hypertension, autoimmune diseases like what we call like lupus or systemic lupus erythematosis, liver diseases, including the chronic infections, even medications taken over the counter or sometimes even prescribed by physicians, can slowly damage your kidneys and make you have renal failure. Regular monitoring follow up with your physician is always encouraged in order to know what your kidney status is doing and to better monitor how your kidneys are doing year to year.

Because the kidney has a close relationship with many other organs in the body, most especially the bone and it also sets the ideal environment in which other organs function. Most times as your kidneys slowly starts to fail, many other functions and conditions of the body will also be affected. Some of the chapters will be dedicated to discussing these particular scenarios where this happens and what are the things that can result from progressive dysfunction of the kidneys. At the end of this book we will have discussed the majority of the associated organ dysfunction that there is with kidney failure and we will also look at the possible treatment of these complications. We will make mention and talk about kidney replacement alternatives, including ending up on dialysis, what dialysis does for the body, what to expect if you are on dialysis, and what to expect as it relates to replacement of the kidney or get by kidney transplant.

If any question exists, a website address will be available at the end of this book where you can submit your questions and I have answers. But there is this book is not meant to be a replacement for follow-up with your regular physician...
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