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Kid Kustomers

By tdpepe Dec 15, 2010 474 Words
Tim Pepe
English 101
Professor B.

Kid Kustomers Topic #2
In this day and age advertisement is around every corner. Cell phones and the internet put advertising and the real word at our fingertips 24/7 and advertising has also become as advanced as the technology that brings it to us. Marketing professionals are finding new ways to instill their brands upon us, and targeting different groups of people to help expand the use of their products. As we move into the future we see that what is advertised to children is not always good. Many cigarette companies used to have “Mascots” to help sell their product. While these mascots were adults, they did not always just appeal to the adults. Studies show that children retain advertising for many different reasons. “The Journal of the American Medical Association Showed that almost all six year olds could identify Joe the Camel from the cigarette commercials on TV.(Little Brown Reader,480)” Could it be that catchy characters like Joe the Camel or The Marlboro Man stick in the minds of young children? Marketers are now using a “ Cradle to Grave. (Little Brown reader,480)” method of advertising witch teaches children at a young age to be brand loyal for a very long time. Children are used to push or nudge their parents into purchasing a certain product or brand name. Advertising can be a very powerful tool to help the sales or promotion of a product, but there is such a thing as too much advertising. Marketing products to children such as alcholol or any type of product that is for adult consumption can affect children on a permanent level. Children growing up might want to be just like the Marlboro man, and think that smoking cigarettes makes you a cowboy. When really they are too young to know about the long term effects of smoking cigarettes. These products can be very harmful and possibly deadly. Instilling children with these thoughts or urges to try these products can result in illegal use at a young age. Its seems that now a days everyone knows the Mcdonalds theme song or the taco bell dog. These are memorized because of all of the advertisement people are exposed to on a daily basis. These company mascots have never been studied, just memorize because they are lurking around every corner. When you sign into the internet or surf the web , you can see many different types of advertisements. Weather it be a tv commercial or an add on your favorite web page, they are all designed to do the same thing. They are designed to sell a product and gain the support and or use of new people every day. Companies go to great length and spend top dollar to get their product in front of possible consumers.

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