Kid's Beauty Pageants

Topics: Beauty contest, Child beauty pageant, Childhood Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Children are usually seen in parks, exploring the outside world in their little innocent minds, living their lives irresponsibly. Today, child beauty pageants opened kid’s eyes on things they are not supposed to encounter in their early childhood. Kids now act like adults; they have unleashed their innocence and pure minds for the sake of beauty.Child beauty contests resemble young kids, under the age of 18. Contestants are usually divided into groups according to their age. Very young aged kids are usually not interviewed dude to their very little knowledge, so only outer appearance is considered. Kids are shown up on stage in different outfits typically wearing make-up and overage hairstyles.( beauty pageant )In 1921, the owner of Atlantic City Hotel struck upon the idea to help boost tourism “Most Beautiful Child”. Business owners adopted these competitions, because it increasingly bought about a billion dollars a year. People loved the idea; they encouraged their kids to attend such contests.(zinzi williams, 12/6/10)The murder of Jon Benet Ramsey, born August 6,1990 turned the public spotlight in the late 1996 into child beauty pageants. JonBenet was murdered in her house, the six years old girl was found in the basement with her hands tied up and strangled after nearly 8 hours from being reported missing. However, this case remains unsolved. Critics began to question the ethics of parents who would present their child in such a way.( kareen nussbaum, )

Parents may think that beauty pageants are helpful for their kids in a way or another, but do you think it's true? Do beauty pageants really show children's abilities and capabilities of presenting their talents? Parents see beauty pageants as a place of progress and development for their child's skills. They play a major role in such contests, by supporting and encouraging their kids to enroll in those contests. Parents who haven't...
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