KIA Sport Sponsorship in the UK

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KIA sport sponsorship in UK
Junior marketing director was asked by senior marketing director to write a report on marketing strategies of Kia marketing corporation in UK. The purpose of this report was to define how promotional strategies especially sports sponsorship help Kia to achieve its promotional objectives. For this purpose an article titled "using sports sponsorship to engage with consumers" was analyzed. This report had to be submitted by the end of September, 2012. Findings:

In today's highly competitive environment each company has to do its best to gain more consumers. The investigation into the brand of Kia motor car revealed the following facts. To begin with the most important significant , Kia has no brand heritage in UK as it does elsewhere in the world. In order to create brand heritage has used different promotional strategies to achieve AIDA criteria .Firstly,"A"attention" Kia has sponsored sports club such as FIFA for the world cup final and selected Rafeal Nadal a famous tennis player to be their global ambassador .Secondly, "I"interest" it creates a fun image of the vehicles combined with sports marketing this has created a very positive image of Kia. Thirdly,"D"desire" Kia has develop public relation by enabling consumers to interact with company using Facebook ,blogs and You Tube.This relations has encouraged consumers in the field to participate in competitive games such as Stic Criket game and Kia catch. Finally "A"action" Kia hopes successfully market its product. Conclusion:

In the light of above findings, it can be concluded that the main problem was that Kia didn't have brand heritage In UK. For that reason it developed promotional strategies to be well known and meet AIDA criteria. Recommendation:

In view of the above mentioned findings, it can be recommended that Kia should improve their quality to gain brand loyality. Otherwise it can change its market segment and focus in developing their needs and increase...
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