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Colour is all around us. We see it all the time. Most of us have no idea the impact colour has on our lives. This impact of the many colours in our environment is usually not conscious. Sometimes we get an uneasy feeling in certain rooms or very relaxed in another, but we call this a mood. The "colour of mood" can be what is surrounding us. Colour is a vibration of light. In dim light, the colour we see will seem different than in bright sun light. Everyone doesn't see the colour frequency in exactly the same way. For example, I see a colour I call blue-green, which to me is blue with a touch of green. Someone else may call the colour green-blue, because he sees more green than I do. Even colour-blind people are affected by colour. Colour Classification

This colour classification of Newton is relevant even today. The colour spectrum he had arrived at is akin to the colour spectrum of a rainbow. The light is radiant but a visible energy of electromagnetic wave motion, which moves through space at an incredible speed of 186,000 miles per second. Like X-rays, or, radio signals it is transmitted through electric vibrations and magnetic fields, though, of course, at different frequencies. It moves in waves and the measure for lights wavelength is Angstrom Units(AU).

Primary Colours: Red, Blue and Yellow are considered the primary colours because they are pure colours, which are beyond production by mixing other colours. Since we can arrive at any colour by mixing these three colours in different proportions, these are rightly identified as primary colours.  

Secondary Colours: If we mix two primary colours in equal parts, we get the secondary colours viz., violet, green and orange. (violet = blue + red, green = blue + yellow, orange = yellow + red). 

Characteristics of colour
Colour theorists have defined three characteristics of colours (3 dimensions of colour) 1. Hue-name of the colour.
2. Value-lightness or darkness of colour.
3. Intensity-dullness or brightness of colour.
1. Hue. The name of colour is known as hue. For example, green, red, blue, etc. 2. Value. Lightness or darkness of a colour is known as its value. White colour when added to a primary colour to make it light is called 'tint'. Darkness in colour is achieved by adding black colour to the pure colour and is known as 'shade'. White colour has minimum value whereas black colour has maximum. 3. Intensity. Brightness or dullness in colour is known as intensity. The best way to lessen the intensity of a colour is to add its supplementary colour. Bright colours have more intensity and dull are monotonous.

Colour and how it affects your senses
Today paint companies may hire a paint psychologist to advise what shades of colours will sell best. Colour psychologists also work in the decorating field. Orange is used in restaurants, because orange increases the appetite. A good combination for restaurants is pale blue or turquoise and orange. A relaxed atmosphere and a big appetite are the perfect environment for a restaurant. A few years ago colour consultants were very much in demand to help find a colour palette that would suit a person the best. I eagerly awaited my appointment with a colour consultant to learn my colours were navy blue and most shades of green.

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colour 

Mystery of the Location
Location of the room is another consideration you need to make. The size of room and its exposure to light can go a long way in defining colour selection. Since a south-facing room generally receives more sunlight, deeper and saturated tone would be well absorbed by room. However, for a north-faced room, going for subtle and lighter shades would be best bet, as this area generally cries out for lightness. The size of room should also be a concern to take care of, while going through the colour card. Remember, a small room appears bigger in light shades, while a super-sized room extends warmth when draped in...
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