Khair Mundos and His Source of Funding

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Name : Khair Mohammad Noor Mundos Alias : Abu Ayman
Nationality : Filipino
Tribe : Samal bangingi
Age : 45 up
Height : 5’4
Weight : 160 lbs.
Hair : baldy
Built : medium/ athletic
Complexion : fair
Status : married
Address : Kaum Purnah, Isabela, Basilan Province Affiliation : Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG)

Other Relevant Informaton:

Khair Mohammad Noor Mundos is a high ranking leader of the Abu Sayyaf Group form Kaum Purnah, Isabela, Basilan but the family originally came from Lukbuton in the island of Malamawi. He is known in the organization as Abo Ayman, an alias given to him by ASG Founder Abdurajak Janjalani.

Mundos started to become islamically radicalized in the 80s when he studied Arabic at Mahad Basilan Al-Arabie Al-Islamie, the first and oldest Arabic institution in Basilan established by the Egyptian missionaries from the Al-Azhar University in Cairo assigned to preach Islam in Southern Philippines.

He was one of the organizers of the Tableegh group which was organized by Janjalani in the 80s in support of the MNLF struggle for an independent state in Mindanao. It was the Tableegh group that initiated the religious programs within the Moro National Liberaton Front (MNLF). Some of the officers of the Tableegh group joined the armed forces of the MNLF and rose to power in the organization such as Ustadz Basiri Jailani who later became the NASCOM chief and then Deputy Chief of Staff.

With the advice from ASG Founder Abdurajak...
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