Kgv Better Then Than Now? Answers to Sources Paper.

Topics: Education, High school, Student Pages: 4 (1455 words) Published: January 17, 2013
KGV better then than now? Answers to sources paper.
Name: Cherry Chu
1) What can we learn from Source A about behaviour and discipline in KGV school in the 1950s? We can learn from source A that some students were rude to members of staff and to prefects and were punished for it. We can also learn that detention is given just because they talk while doing schoolwork. And some other students were very naughty which liked to play around and act in a silly way, as a result, they were needed to write down the school rules three times for punishment. The discipline was much stricter then now as we can see that before they get detentions for talking to each other while working during class time, but now we just get warned by the teacher in a nicer way. 2) Compare and contrast sources B and C. Using the sources and your own knowledge write down 5 important changes to KGV school building and its surroundings between the 1950s and today. One of the most important changes is the Link Block. It is completed at 1984 which is much later than the Peel Block, and it is now a very important block and used for most of the lessons as it has the most rooms and includes five levels. A small hill was also flattened in order to build the Link Block and the other buildings near that area. Another important change is Sarah Roe School (JCSRS) / Senior Student Centre. It is completed at 1996 and was very useful to Senior students in KGV as they could have more space and more privacy, a canteen was also built there so they could buy their lunch and the canteens would not be so squashy during break and lunchtimes. Senior students could also work there and there are more spaces for Middle School students and Senior students to learn. Sarah Roe School was also very useful as it helped many students across ESF with special needs and they were being well educated over there. Tennis courts were built on the roof of SSC, these replaced the tennis courts which were previously on the...
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