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Location; Aurangabad
Owner; KFC Holding, Malaysia
Capacity; 103packs
Working hours; 11am- 11pm
Staff; 9am – 2am
Shifts; 9am-6pm (opening)
1pm- 10pm (general)
5pm- 2am (closing)


Restaurant manager

Assistant restaurant manager

Three Shift managers
[Morning, Noon, Evening]

The Operational staff
[Cash, Lobby, Assembling, Production, Cleaning]

The restaurant has three sections;
* Cash / lobby
* Assembling station / supplying
* Kitchen
This is basic structure used in every KFC outlet

* The raw materials for the restaurant

The KFC has a central ware house in Pune that supplies all the raw materials for the kitchen and other utility things for the restaurant. The raw material / food material for the kitchen is then stored in a centralized deep freeze in The Prozone Mall. This deep freeze has an area of 800 sq. Ft.

* Placing order for the new lot

It is done through the invoice. The order is placed through the website in urgency else there is a scheduled delivery in every 20-25days. It also depends on the sales restaurant is making.

* Receiving and checking of the raw materials

The transport is generally done by trucks with deep freeze facility. In case of unavailability and emergency the raw materials are sent by air in deep freeze containers and are received at the Aurangabad airport. There is an common entrance for the raw materials in the mall that offers entry for all restaurants and leads to the storage area. The receiving is done there only. First of all the temperature of the truck is checked at the time of receiving. All the material is unloaded and crossed check with the invoice given to the truck driver and the indent copy that KFC Aurangabad has. After that there is a random pick is done of two or three cases and internal temperature is checked to check if any fraud is done by the truck driver by switching off the deep freeze unit on the way to save diesel. The packets are then brought to the restaurant and cooked as per the SOPs’ to ensure that the quality of the product is good and acceptable.

There is a procedure called MRD, is practiced by KFC, i.e.

MadeReady - Discard
E.g.; - (1.pm.)(2.pm.) (After 4 hours)

This procedure can be related to understanding the shelf life of the cooked product that is taken care to avoid the food Bourne illness and other food poisoning. At KFC, every product has a distinct MRD. The chicken that is marinated can be used up to 48hours and once its cooked it can be used up to 2hrs kept at 65*c the danger zone control is practiced at KFC that range between 4*c – 65*c The FIFO is practised at every outlet of KFC around the world. Once the products are thawed, they are stored again. In case of leftovers, everything is thrown out.

* All the raw materials for cooking like chicken, marinades, soft drinks, crushes, etc. and other utility products for the maintenance of the restaurants come from the centralised Pune warehouse. As per the company’s’ policy, outlet staffs are not allowed to spend any money for any local purchasing. All the cleaning material, lights, etc. come from the ware house only. The only exceptions are the buns that are made by a vendor at Hyderabad. Because of the unavailability of a good vendor in the nearby area, this outlet receives the frozen buns from Hyderabad. The chicken for KFC is purchased from Venky’s as its the regular vendor for all chicken products in India. There are two more vendors named Godrej and Sugna, used as backup vendors, in case of shortage. The marinades, sauces and other secret convenient foods come in sealed packets from Kentucky, USA. The secret recipes are never revealed to any of the staff members at any outlets around the world. They are sent in the sealed packets around the globe.

* Management of staff at KFC outlets;

Training tracker, on job...
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