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Group 3
* Anirudha
* Abhijeet
* Ismail
* Mohmmed
* Michelle
* Sulaksha
* Tirtharaj

Company profile
Company profile

* Industry: Restaurants
* Founded: 1930 North Corbin, Kentucky
* Founder: Harland Sanders
* PepsiCo Inc. took over in 1986
* Changed its name and logo to KFC in 1991
* Today KFC is owned by Yum! Brands.(since 1997)
* Industry: Restaurants
* Founded: 1930 North Corbin, Kentucky
* Founder: Harland Sanders
* PepsiCo Inc. took over in 1986
* Changed its name and logo to KFC in 1991
* Today KFC is owned by Yum! Brands.(since 1997)

* Key people: Roger Eaton, President
Harvey R. Brown lea, COO
James O'Reilly, VP for Marketing
* 16,264 KFC units around the world, distributed in 108 countries

KFC, Goa

Started: 2010
Location: Caculo mall
Head: Mr. Mohit
Number of Employees: 38

KFC started in Goa last year in 2010 at Caculo mall. Mr. Mohit the manager of the restaurant at present. They have total 38 employees working in the restaurant at present. The products in which they deal are toasted wraps, burgers, chicken delights, buckets, krushers etc. They have only five to six promotions throughout the year. They incurs less traffic, marketing and operational expenses that are associated with acquiring and scheduling promotions because they are located in Caculo mall their advertising expenses are saved and also they didn’t have to worry about the parking facilities as the mall itself has got its parking area.

Pre-selection process
Before the candidate is actually selected he or she is shown the working place and asked for his or her perception. This is done so that the employee gets better idea about the work and also it will clear their doubts. Training: KFC uses blended learning techniques. They have E-learning, on the job and formal classroom. Team members receive comprehensive training in the following areas: * Food safety: this is given to all the trainees.

* Customer service: it is given to the FOH trainees who serve or take orders from the customers. * Food preparation: given to the cooks.
* Cash handling: to the trainees in the FOH.
* Leadership development: given to all the trainees because KFC wants each employee to progress in his life and his job. * Financial and operations accounting: given to the trainees who would work in the finance department.

* Fire and accident safety: this is given to all the trainees in case of any fire or any accident that would take place. This training is given only once to all the new trainees for one day. * Culture: the culture about the company is said to all the trainees so that they understand the company better. * Interaction management: This is given to the trainees (FOH) who would interact with the customers. * Stock control: training on stock inflow and out flow is given so that the stock is under control. Orientation: this is done on the first day of the training program. The basics- the mission, the vision of the company, the benefits that they would receive (same for all the new employees), the safety standards and procedures are all put across to all the new trainees. Placement: The manager then decides where they can position the trainee after an interview based on vacancy or interest. The trainees now can start with their respective or specialized training program.

There are several sections of KFC:
1. Back of the house: Employees who take care of procuring the raw materials at KFC. 2. Middle of the house: Employees who work in the kitchen.
3. Front of the house (FOH): Those employees who serve the customers. The new employees are given buddy trainers. Buddy trainers are itself the old employees who are nominated to train and be with them. If the new employees are found capable enough than there is no doubt in future becoming a buddy trainer. TRAINING PROCESS

The new employees have to go through various...
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