KFC in China

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Market Internationally & KFC in China

Due to the environmental and sociocultural forces, there are always differences between domestic and international marketing. However, international companies wish they could standardize the marketing mix for cost saving and easier to control, plus less time to be spent on the marketing plan. But it is almost impossible to standardize the marketing mix while expanding internationally as each market is unique. I think most products should be customized for different markets to be successful.

KFC’s success in China is not a surprise to me because they have implemented a correct international marketing. First of all, its core product, fried chicken, is similar to some local Chinese chicken dishes and that chicken is so common, like the daily meal for Chinese family. Secondly, KFC is so smart that they have added new items that suit the Chinese traditional diet. For breakfast, they added the soy milk drink and rice congee, and for tea time, they added egg custard tart. It’s so true you won’t eat fried chicken for breakfast but KFC certainly doesn’t want to lose such market shares, and so they adjust their menu. These new items helps bring many more customers throughout the day. It makes Chinese customers feel like they are eating at a Chinese-Western fusion restaurant as they can order food that they are familiar with. No wonder it can grow crazily like opening one store a day.

Nevertheless, to continue its success for the long run in China, KFC must maintain high quality standard for their products and be honest to their customers. Since the news that some of its suppliers provide poultry that violated the food safety regulations came out, KFC’s sales in China has taken a big hit. KFC also lied to its customer that the soy milk drink was freshly made daily internally, but it was discovered later that they used instant soy powder mix purchased externally.
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