Kfc Background

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Bussiness Development

Background of the Company

K.F.C is an American based company. It was established in mid fifty when Herland Sanders conducted business in United States with a prospective Franchises about his colonel Sanders recipe K.F.C. He has also succeeded in establishing a number franchises in all over the world. The minority of KFC’s restaurant in Mexico & Poverto Rico were company owned. However, KFC had established 21 new Franchises in Mexico by the end of 1993. Now it has nearly 13000 outlet all around the world. KFC is a fast food industry. It is introduced in Pakistan round about 2 years ago. Firstly, KFC opened in Karachi and then after in Lahore. KFC has two branches in Lahore, one is Garden Town and other is Cavalry Road. KFC Corporation based in Louisville, Kentucky is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in original recipe, extra crispy and colonel’s crispy strips with home styles slides. Everyday 8 million customers are served around the world KFC Menu Everywhere includes original recipe chicken made with the same great taste Harland Created more than a half century ago. KFC is part of Tricon Global restaurants, which is the world largest restaurant system with nearly 30,000 KFC. Harland started LFC back in 1952 at the ripe age of 62. His recipe for the best chicken in the world was made with a special cooking process and a secret blend of 11 herbs and special the same secret blend that is used today in KFC original recipe chicken. Today KFC has more than11,000 units in over 79 countries. Every week nearly 69 million customers come through KFC do for the chicken.

One of the major objective of KFC that they run their campaign in such away that KFC creates and image in the minds of customers that customers wants to go in KFC and will be the first choice for the customers. KFC wants to become the first choice because its they become the first choice it is excellent for the health of the KFC business because if business is expands then there is eliminate scope and the opportunity to get the maximum profit and utility.

Since it as founded, KFC has always shown a profound respect for the cultures and traditions of all the countries where the company markets its products. It accepts cultures and social diversity and rejects discrimination based on ethics, religion or on any other grounds. Employees ho work at the KFCs headquarters’ come from 70 different nations. Culture within the organization is very professional and yet flexible at the same time. Its policies, rules and regulations and inter departmental culture is very open. Attitudes, behaviors and working environment are such that it motivates and encourages other employees to feel comfortable and wanted in the organization. Its a very friendly yet 30 professional organization. KFC people call themselves a family and thus keep their working relations accordingly. The broader the responsibility of a KFC Manager, the more the following specific criteria should be considered, in addition to professional skills, practical experience and result focus:

• Personal commitment and courage. This includes the capacity and the willingness to take initiatives and risks as well as to maintain composure under pressure.

• Ability to motivate and to develop people, addressing all those issues that allow others to progress in their work and to develop their capabilities.

• Curiosity and open-mindedness as well as a high level of interest in other cultures and life-styles. This also includes a commitment to continuous learning and improving, as well as to sharing knowledge and ideas freely with others.

• A taste for initiative together with the ability to create a climate of innovation and to think outside the box. This implies the right to make a mistake but also the readiness to correct it and to learn from it.

• Willingness to accept change and the ability to manage it.

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