Keyword Research Report Section 2

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Keyword Research Report Section 2
1.What keywords can be used to search for a
There are thousand ways to search for a dentist, but in
order to be more reliable and more helpful, we may should
type the exactly what we want. So, if we want a dentist, we
can search “dentist” in the keyword research tools, or
“cosmetic dentist” ,“dentists”, “implant dentist” ,“sedation dentist” ,“family dentist” as the keyword if you want. However, there are 1,854 people search the “dentist” on the Internet and about 127,737 people search some words

about dentist today. It means you may be less effectively
when you are search by just typing these keywords.
Thus, in order to be more efficiently, we should give more
specific keywords. For instance, you can type the specialty
of dentists or the area where you wish to find a dentist,
such as “best dentist”,“neuromuscular dentist”, “makeover dentist” , “dentist in Riverside, CA”. In this way, you will see there are less results and less mount people search for the
same keywords as you do.
Data Credit:

2.Who are the top 10 dentist in Riverside,
a.Stanton S. Appleton
b.Roy Beam

c.James R. Blalock
d.James J. Carder
e.Jeffrey S. Dean
f. R. Mark Dugan
g.Liviu Eftimie
h.Robert K. Elloway
i. Craig Cooper Ellsworth
j. R. Michael Foulston
Data Credit:

3.List the “top 10 dentist” listed from
Riverside, Ca.
a.Hazardous Materials Business Emergency Plan
b.from dates: 9/23/2012
c.RTRP DEIR Appendix F: First Search Summary Riverside
Data Credit:

4.Research the “top 3 dentist” from
Riverside, Ca. Use Tools at  to determine:
• What are the keywords listed on the
“top 3 dentist” page

a. Top3Dentists: Find a Dentist | Dental Specialis, Family
b. One of the Top 3 Dentists | Escondido Dentist Dr. Jeffry
c. Top 3 Dentists
d. Top 3 Things Your Boulder Dentist Wants You to Know ...
e. Top 3 Things Your Long Grove Dentist Wants You to
Know ...
f. Top 3 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist
g. Focusing On The Top 3 At The Carrollton Dentist In ...
h. tacoma-wa-dentist-top-3-reasons - Giesy Dental
i. Top 3 Reasons to See Your Dentist - Kmart Dental
j. Invisalign Dentist in Cary, NC: Top 3 Benefits to Invisalign

• What other keywords could be used
on the “top 3 dentist”
a.The best 3 dentist
b.The most professional dentist 3 dental insurance companies
d.find top rated dentist dentist school dentist footscray
g.5280 top dentists 2011
h.sims 3 dentist
i.sims 3 dentist career dentist
Data Credit:

5.Select “1” of the “top 3 dentist”and use the
tool –Ahrefs ( to
determine the following:
• What are the top pages listed on the site
Find a Dentist | Dental Specialis, Family Dentist Top3Dentists

• What are the top inbound links
General & Cosmetic Dentist | Albuquerque & Rio Rancho |
Zimmer DDS 

• What are the top referring domains 

• Create a section report on the “anchor”
Anchor text is a paragraph of text, which have been
underlined. It aim at another specific page, click the anchor text and it will take you to the goal page. In order to
optimize search engines, it is a good choice to make a
keyword strategy and create a few keywords. Besides,
making the keywords multiply can also help optimizing
search engines.

Data Credit:

6.Using  Keyword Research Tools, research
the keyword “cavities” and “dentist” create a
small report no more than a page
There are thousands of pages about the “cavities”as well as the...
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