Key Skills of Management

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Key skills of management

1. Introduction

In this essay I have attempted to describe the key skills of management, in my opinion, and how working with others can develop them.

I have drawn on my own experiences as a manager and reinforced my answers with research from the internet and other reference sources.

There are various skills needed for good management, some skills are learned others are instilled as a part of that person’s nature. Within this essay I discuss these skills and the importance of good management behaviour.

2. Key skills - my viewpoint

I manage four teams, each consisting of 15 members of staff. Within each team is a supervisor whose task is to monitor the running of the operation line and to inform me of any deviation from the norm.

I am privileged enough to have a support team of a quality facilitator, two fitters, an electrician and a process engineer, who I direct to assist with the events of the day.

Enthusiasm and motivation
I am enthusiastic and self-motivated; I maintain this through seeing issues as a challenge and an opportunity to test my skills. If I am enthusiastic then my staff will be encouraged to be motivated too, ‘It’s hard to be productive without enthusiasm.’ (Gates B)

Henri Fayol states that there are fourteen principles of management. In principle number seven (Remuneration) Fayol argues that ‘Workers must be paid sufficiently as this is a chief motivation of employees and therefore greatly influences productivity.’ I personally do not feel that this is a chief motivation even though it is a factor but that job satisfaction and also a sense of belonging are greater influences in productivity.

I believe it is important to have a pre-shift meeting with the supervisors and run through what is planned for the day. Any concerns are raised prior to the start of the shift, so we have a clear direction of how we are going to achieve these goals. I try to keep meetings informative,

References: Henri Fayol Bill Gates The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell, John C., 1998

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